Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Teases Four New Seasonal Albums Coming Throughout 2022

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Teases Four New Seasonal Albums Coming Throughout 2022

In July last year, rock band Weezer announced plans to release four seasonal albums in 2022, each with the album’s sound being influenced by the season of its release. Now, Consequence Sound reports that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has taken to Twitter to announce potential release dates for each of the four albums, which he calls the SZNS scrapbooks.

The first of four, dedicated to spring, should be released in about a month, on March 20. The following albums, for summer, fall and winter, are scheduled for release on June 20, September 22 and December 21. respectively. Cuomo goes on to explain that the dates for each album were chosen to match the first day of each season, but asks his audience to correct him if he misidentified the correct days for a season. He also clarifies that these release dates have not been confirmed with either the band’s record company or the band’s manager. As such, these dates are unofficial and may be subject to change. See Cuomo’s announcement via Twitter below.

While releasing four albums in a year might seem like a pretty daunting task, Weezer have already demonstrated that they’re more capable than most of churning out big production volumes in a short amount of time. The band’s latest album, Van Weezercame out in May last year, just a few months after their album okay humanwhich was released in January last year.

Photo credit: Mehreen Rizvi