WDIY’s Top 10 Albums of April 2022

It’s officially spring, and it’s time for a whole new WDIY Top 10 list! Find out what our dedicated hosts and charming listeners have been listening to as the weather warms up. Want to hear your favorites on our air before summer? Feel free to call WDIY’s studio line with a request at 610-694-8100 x1 or leave your picks on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Nathaniel Rateliff and night sweats
Jthe future
November 5, 2021

On Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nite Sweats’ third studio album, The future, it’s obvious the band are firing on all cylinders again after their brief hiatus. In the six years since their 2015 debut, Nathaniel Rateliff released a follow-up album with the band in 2018, then ventured out on their own for a solo album in 2020. Since then, the Nite Sweats have been back in business. action, including a tour date at the Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks in Bethlehem last summer. Look no further than loud singles like “Survivor” and “Love Don’t,” to find out why WDIY hosts have played so often.



Colin Hay
Now and Eternity
Compass Records
March 18, 2022

Now and Eternity is a letter to Colin Hay from Colin Hay about enjoying his time on earth while he still has it. He captured his own struggle, loss and mortality in his heavily Beatles-inspired hometown of Los Angeles, made softer by featuring Ringo Starr on the title track. At its most basic level, Now and Eternityoffers a deeply personal acknowledgment of the relentless march of time, but zoom out and you’ll see that Hay’s contemplations of identity and eternity are actually larger reflections on our shared humanity, on letting go of the dead weight and the search for light, no matter how dark things may get.



The Luminous
The bright side
Dualtone and Decca discs
January 14, 2022

Two years after the Lumineers’ last album, the folk band from Colorado releases its fourth studio album The bright side , a short but upbeat album that is only 30 minutes long with just nine tracks. The Lumineers’ consistent sound over the past few years, coupled with their lyrical genius, has created a perfectly Lumineers-esque album. The quick shot of optimism also serves as a short love letter to their most devoted fans.



Janis Ian
The light at the end of the line
United for opportunity
January 21, 2022

After the release of Folk is the new black in 2006, Janis Ian decided not to make another record until she felt she had “an album’s worth of flawless songs”. A recurring theme in his writing and motivation was the love and support of his fans. Once the pandemic delayed live performances, she became very busy with volunteer work, book signings, and whatever else she could manage to do safely. It is his last studio album.



October 1, 2021

Like many musicians and artists, the Accidentals have spun their new indie folk-influenced pop rock album around the life lessons many of us have learned during the pandemic, like “take everything into perspective, zoom in back, see where we are, stop feeling like we’re trying to race to get to a certain place. Recording for the album began before the pandemic, with the release date originally being in 2020. However, most of the album ended up being recorded from the band members’ homes.



Lucifer on the couch
Matador Files
February 11, 2022

Lucifer on the couch is the 10th studio album by rock band Spoon, which began production in 2018 shortly after touring. Production continued until 2020, but resumed and resulted in a finished album in 2021. One of the main reasons the band couldn’t finish the album in quarantine like many bands have done during the pandemic was how they chose to orchestrate it; the members realized they preferred the sound of recording as a live band rather than recording separately and made that the focus of the new album. The band takes their dependable and delightful perception and dials it up even more for this album, crafting a new version that’s laid back, sleek, and incredibly catchy.



Elvis Costello and the Imposters
The Boy Named So
EMI Records and Capitol Records
January 14, 2022

The Boy Named So is the 32nd studio album by English singer-songwriter Elvis Costello, but recalls a previous album titled Blood & Chocolate



Buffalo Nichols
Buffalo Nichols
Fat Possum Discs
October 15, 2021

Buffalo Nichols holds a special place at Fat Possum Records as the label’s first blues solo in nearly 20 years, and his first solo album proves what he has to offer the blues music scene. Nichols finds himself drawn to the influence of black people on music, particularly in his genre, and the idea of ​​keeping the origins of a genre alive while still creating a modern sound is something that has stuck with Nichols. He tries to emulate this in his new record in an attempt to modernize the blues before it is “frozen in time”.



Aoife O’Donovan
The age of apathy
Yep Roc Records
January 21, 2022

Aofie O’Donovan recorded her third feature film titled The age of apathy through a unique arrangement with Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. While in the studio she shares with her producer Joe Henry, she logged daily hours online with GRAMMY-nominated engineer Darren Schneider to complete the album. His previous albums were composed and recorded in the rush between tours, but The age of apathy was more deliberate and methodical as it was done entirely in the calm of COVID. The Irish-American artist has spent much of her lockdown weaving an album that feels like a nostalgic trip that’s somehow more dreamy and bittersweet than her other albums.



good to be
Rounder records
January 21, 2022

Five-time GRAMMY winner Keb ‘Mo’ recently released his latest feature film,good to be,in early 2022 from a very personal place. The album was written between Nashville and his childhood home in Compton, Calif., which Keb’ recently purchased and remodeled. The backdrop and inspiration behind the new release along with Keb’s seasoned musicianship make the whole album feel warm and familiar. The album release was accompanied by an official video for the title track’s single, “Good to Be (Home Again)”, which was filmed in Mo’s hometown and features the Compton Cowboys.