Live stream

Watch a live stream of a kestrel chick at Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

SALT LAKE CITY — Need a nature break while you’re sitting in your office chair? The Nature Conservancy set up a live camera in a nest box to observe a newly hatched kestrel at Reserve on the shores of the Great Salt Lake.

The parents have cared for five eggs over the past few weeks. The other four eggs were due to hatch any day now.

Kestrels are small hawks weighing only a few ounces. They call the grasslands and wetlands that surround the Great Salt Lake home.

“We have over 300 species of birds in the Great Salt Lake at different times of the year, migrating in and out,” said TNC avid birder Andrea Nelson. “Kestrels are only a small, but integral, part of this beautiful natural space.”

They hover above the ground while hunting voles and mice. The Nature Conservancy said they are keeping the rodent population under control.

Chris Brown, director of stewardship at TNC, knows kestrels well. “Pairs of kestrels have been living in this nest for 12 years,” he said. “When I work around their house, they start chatting loudly. I think they are asking me to shut up or get out of their space.

The live camera is designed to engage people with the wonders of nature. Learn more and enjoy the view by clicking here. You can also visit the reserve and take an audio tour through the TravelStorys GPS app.