‘They milked Heroes to death in 2012′: Bradley Wiggins’ honest playlist | Music

The first song I remember hearing
I loved Michael Jackson when I was eight because I had no taste, so Bad started doing boogie. Now I can’t take it anymore.

The first single I bought
My mother took me to Our Price on Kilburn High Road to buy World in Motion by New Order with my pocket money. I was heavily into football as a kid, so I loved John Barnes rapping.

The best song to play at a party
I’ve loved Arctic Monkeys from the start, so I bet you guys look good on the dancefloor. Their first album was revolutionary for me. I went to see them at Glastonbury, but from the stage side, so I wasn’t in the mud pit with all the peasants.

The song I inexplicably know all the lyrics to
Bang Someone Out by Sleaford Mods. They are specialized: very honest, talk about social issues and are lyrically very comical; there is nothing else like them. I know Jason [Williamson, singer] kinda, and he’s just a lovely, lovely guy – very smart. And we shared a similar upbringing.

The song I listened to most recently
Plugged in by Skepta ft Smoke the engineer. My 17 year old son Ben is also in it so we share a love of dirt.

The song I secretly love but tell everyone that i hate
What’s that Queen song where they sing in the four silhouettes? Bohemian Rhapsody. It wasn’t cool to admit you liked Queen at one point, but I let my guard down.

The song I can’t listen to anymore
David Bowie’s Heroes, because they cheated him to death at the 2012 London Olympics when anyone won a medal.

The song I wish I had written
Live forever by Oasis. I was 14 when Definitely Maybe came out, so it was my childhood anthem. I definitely resonated more with Oasis than with Blur. I was a real indie kid with flared pants, always Adidas sneakers and a parka or a balaclava.

The best song for making love
Firestarter by the prodigy.

The song I can’t help but sing
I have a real craving for I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross right now. I sing it everywhere: in the tube, everywhere. Maybe I’m trying to tell myself something.

Bradley Wiggins is cycling from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, from April 25 to 29, for the podcast Side by Side: Conversations of the Road in collaboration with Mr Porter Health in Mind and LeBlanq.