‘The Ultimate Metallica Show’ – Playlist + Recap – February 6, 2022

Sunday night’s show was dedicated to the one and only Jon Zazula.

Without Jonny Z, who knows what heavy metal and rock and roll would look like today? To pay tribute to him, I’ve shared some audio from a Cameo video that Jonny Z sent to me and a few friends a few years ago; in it he shares an incredible memory of what it was like to dream of Metallica’s future with Lars Ulrich. To celebrate this history, we opened the evening with “Metal Militia”, the closing track of Kill them all.

With his wife Marsha, Jonny Z is dating Kill them all on Megaforce Records in 1983, so how not to start the show with that?!

The rest of the evening featured many great moments from the life of Metallica: a Soundgarden cover at a Chris Cornell tribute concert, a James Hetfield riff tape demo for “Damage, Inc.”, and an unforgettable performance back in 2011 at Yankee Stadium in New York. We also put together a cover of “Whiplash” by Motorhead and appreciated Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode does his best on “Nothing Else Matters”.

You can see the full playlist from Sunday’s show below:

The Ultimate Metallica Show – Hour 1

Metallica’s Ultimate Show – Hour 2

Don’t forget: Metallica is about to wrap up this year’s edition of Boston Memorial Day Weekend Tour at Harvard Athletic Complex. Foo Fighters headlines Friday, May 27, The Strokes covers Saturday, May 28, and ‘Tallica wraps up the weekend on Sunday, May 29. Will you be there ?

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