The best albums of 2022 (so far)

A heavyweight face of the Nigerian alter scene, Teezee’s EP focuses on culture. It bears the name of an old Nollywood film, a canon from which it draws inspiration in terms of visuals and covers. It pretty much draws references from everywhere else too – Tezee takes us to Santorini through a South African amapiano on “Do Me Jeje” with Knucks. Plus it’s the fanciest party spot in Lagos Nok by Alara on “NOK’D” with Deto Black, a venue famous for showcasing international event collectives like No Fronting. It’s an EP that will take you anywhere in the world (in the comfort of your own home, of course).

Junglepussy – JP5000

JP5000 is the latest in a series of albums by Shayna McHayle, 30, after the 2020s JP4 and prior release JP3 (guess what the letters stand for). Raising this year’s number to 5000 is fitting, matching the quality of her latest release, a simple 5-track statement that sees the New York native both fast and sharp, weaving stories of romantic encounters as well as musings. seething about life. A highlight is “Foreign Exchange” produced by electronic maverick Suzi Analogue, with a trippy beat blending into rap that veers to the spoken word, as well as a bit of boastfulness. With Junglepussy, every boast sounds like the honest truth.

Khruangbin and Leon Bridges – texan moon

When this album was announced, soul and alternative rock lovers took a deep breath. And for good reason – texan moon is a perfect fusion of effervescent psychedelic rock from band Khruangbin and heritage soul artist Leon Bridges. Khruangbin’s incredible songwriting, velvet tones and funk beats are still there, but they’re taking things old school. “B-Side” sounds slightly disco, and Bridges takes his turn as the perfect lead on sensual and effortless “Chocolate Hills” – “Kissing on your rose colored lips” might be the most romantic lyric we’ve heard in a long time. .


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