Review: Seven Songs For The Ultimate Spring Playlist | Way of life

(Jessica Choi/Daily Titan)

The grungy, cold vibe of winter has dissipated, and a more upbeat sound accompanies spring. Your movie editing moment is only complete with a music playlist to make you feel like the main character. Celebrate the re-emergence of sunshine, greenery and new beginnings with a mix of new songs and classics.

“Somebody” by Justin Bieber

Arguably one of his best albums, “Justice” brought a list of great hit songs like “Peaches” and “Ghost”, but the rest of the album contains some great songs that deserve more recognition. This song is an emotional tale of love with an irresistible beat.

The song remains engaging with its catchy sound and punchy with the sweet lyrics. Bieber put his mastery of pop to good use on this album, and this song is another standout on “Justice.” Stream “Someone” on the speakers with your favorite person and enjoy the moment.

“Anita” by Smino

Smino has a unique voice and singing and rapping style. This song mixes a groovy rhythm with its smooth flow. The combination of rhythm and Smino’s distinct voice produces a vibe that perfectly matches the warm and fun mood of spring.

“Anita” will have you feeling as cool and confident as Smino, and it’s a perfect song to blast through your headphones while walking around campus. The song sounds like the shining sun and blooming flowers – perhaps with a slight touch of pleasant drunkenness.

“Let’s Not Fall In Love” by Big Bang

Big Bang was sidelined after a scandal involving one of their members, with their last full album, “Made”, released in 2017. They just came back this year with the release of the single “Still Life”, which alludes to their official disbandment and the end of the legendary Korean pop group.

Although the new version is a more sentimental and sad song, their 2015 song “Let’s Not Fall in Love” is a spring staple. It mixes an upbeat, catchy beat with lyrics about blossoming love. The love song is a pop banger with a charming and irresistible melody.

“All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)” door Lauv

Lauv is recognized for his cool and catchy pop sound. Lauv’s sentimental voice is dreamy, clear and easy to listen to. Often his songs mix a smooth sound with catchy beats, and this new release is no exception.

The song is a sweet ode to his romantic interest, saying he’s so in love and can’t imagine a life without them. The rhythm is repetitive and very catchy; although the beat makes the whole song repetitive, it is addictive to listen to. It has a fresh and light vibe that transports listeners to a sweet date with their loved ones.

Ka’s “Peaches”I

South Korean pop artist Kai has released this sexy and luscious single that depicts a forbidden and seductive romance. It’s hard to resist the whole song, as well as Kai’s natural charisma. The chorus incorporates English lyrics that grab the attention of listeners around the world and blend seamlessly with the Korean lyrics for an exquisite combination of sexiness.

Although the song has a strong underlying theme and a sound of romance and allure, “Peaches” is an easy-to-appreciate mix of pop and hip-hop.

“Someday” by OneRepublic

This almost soft rock song has a catchy pop tempo that makes it an addictive listen. OneRepublic has a distinctive sound that blends its alternative rock roots with an upbeat, trending beat.

“Someday” begins with an uplifting guitar melody and transitions into powerful percussion, which combine to create an uplifting and fun sound. It’s a perfect song to play while watching the sunset or driving with the windows down.

“PS5” by Salem Ilese with Alan Walker and Tomorrow X Together

This youthful and playful track has made its mark on TikTok and social media platforms, becoming a popular dance song. The song features Korean boy group Tomorrow X Together, known for their youthful pop sound. It’s impossible not to find yourself rocking to Walker’s addictive melody and variety of sweet vocals featured in the song.