Pusha-T Diet Coke Produced by Kanye West & 88-Keys Playlist

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In 2018, Pusha-T released his third solo album, DAYTONA. The seven-song effort was part of a series of Kanye West-produced albums that were released for consecutive weeks that summer. Including a diss from Drake and artwork that was Whitney Houston’s death scene, the GOOD Music/Def Jam Records release earned Push a Grammy nomination for “Rap Album of the Year.” That win, however, went to Cardi B. For 2022, Pusha-T is letting listeners know he’s in competition mode. “The fuckin’ year album is coming,” he said Complex in January. “A Pusha album takes a long time. It takes a long time to put this shit together, but when it comes together, it ain’t nothing bad with it. We put that on everything. I don’t care what they say, how they act. I don’t care how viral they go, none of that. Nothing goes with it. I’m on some 1000% rap superhero shit, man. There’s a lot going on.” He added, “You know me, I have to reinvent myself. I just have to reinvent my greatness.

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Today (February 8), Heads has a taste of the album that will be titled. “Diet Coke” marks Pusha-T’s debut single, and it’s produced by Kanye West and 88-Keys. The song opens with former Push collaborator Fat Joe using his new catchphrase, reminding everyone that yesterday’s price is not today’s price. “Imaginary players haven’t been trained properly / Master recipes under stove fires / The number on this jersey is the bid price,begins T. Later, he displays this confidence that was part of the campaign for this album: “As far as I’m concerned, who’s the best? Me and Yezos / Wash, then dry, then give me all mine in pesos / Add up, your bitches in the pictures but they laser tag us / They blame us, who wouldn’t? / We’ve become everything you couldn’t be / Everything your mama said you shouldn’t be / The Porsche horses are racing, like “look at me” / In the saddle, I’m still riding rising, baby, fight.“Pusha considers him and his producer/friend the best, while skillfully speaking to his haters.

Notably, 88-Keys pointed out that this beat was made 18 years ago. The Uptown producer’s 2004 beat tape was titled, The ingredients of crack. The longtime Ye and GOOD Music affiliate has since worked on Look at the throne and last year’s dondaafter his story Adam’s death album and production for Black Star, J-Live and The Pharcyde.

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