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Alberto Silva Fernandez

Many UTEP students asked about their favorite Valentine’s Day albums and Mac Miller’s “The Divine Feminine”, Taylor Swift’s “Lover”, Hozier’s “Hozier” and Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” were the best choice.

Itzel Giron, Public Engagement Editor

Love is in the air at UTEP as Valentine’s Day approaches in the coming days. Most people prepare to celebrate the holiday by ordering chocolate covered strawberries, dozens of roses or buying teddy bears, but there are many ways to express love.

Whether buying materialistic gifts or not, love can translate into kisses and hugs or even words of affection, however, music can be considered the most important language of love. popular. From autographing songs on the radio to burning pirated songs onto a CD, music has been a primary source for people to share their emotions without speaking.

By surveying students across campus, I found the top five albums people can enjoy with a partner or listen to alone for a moment of self-love.

“The Divine Feminine” – Mac Miller

Released in September 2016, consisting of 10 songs, including the single “My Favorite Part”, Miller creates a journey that is both emotional and mental, according to UTEP student Juan Torres.

“It’s the journey where you find that special someone that you have that spark with,” Torres said. “This album makes it easy to tell them all those things in your head that are hard to explain when it comes to how you feel.”

For Torres, the album allows listeners to connect with their emotions through Millers’ notion of telling stories through song.

“I highly recommend this album to everyone! It’s one of the most underrated romance albums out there. Torres said. “If you find someone who can make you feel special, I suggest you listen to them (The Divine Feminine). Nothing brings two souls together better than the beauty that is music.

“Lover” – Taylor Swift

The title itself expressed the romance displayed in the music, from self-love to unconditional love of a partner. “Lover” was released in August 2019, where Swift created one of the most romantic albums, according to UTEP senior Silvia Hernandez.

“It’s one of the most romantic albums of all time, you can’t get more romantic than to call it a Lover album,” Hernandez said. “Even though some songs are about loving yourself, it’s all about love and how love is all around us.”

“Hozier” – Hozier

The self-titled album “Hozier” was released in September 2014 and expresses a passionate form of love and devotion. For UTEP student Isabela Perez, this album perfectly conveys the emotions of heartbreak and falling in love; every emotion that comes with romance.

“It’s romantic to me because the way the lyrics express such a deep, almost sacred love and admiration for women and how divine we (women) are.” Perez said. “Personally, it means there is such a passionate love there, made of devotion and tenderness; realizing that no one should settle for less.

“Divide” – Ed Sheeran

Already known for making romantic songs such as his 2014 hit “Thinking Out Loud”, Sheeran released “Divide” in 2017 with great anticipation. His hit album “Multiply” was released two years prior and had several romantic songs, this album was however based on his individual experiences with love.

Itzel Giron is the Public Engagement Editor and can be reached at [email protected]; @by.itzel.giron on Instagram; @itzel_anahi_16 on Twitter.