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No sport on earth is more electric than this live stream of pilots trying to land at Heathrow during Storm Eunice | This is the loop

Friday, Storm Eunice makes landfall in the UK. The massive storm system hit the British Isles with a fury rarely seen, knocking down trees, ripping roofs off and knocking out power to thousands of people. The UK government issued a ‘life threatening’ weather warning as schools were closed and transport was disrupted… well, almost all transport.

A few intrepid pilots continued their descents into Heathrow Airport on Friday, braving the winds – including a British record gust of 122mph – to bring their passengers back to earth. It’s the sort of thing that happens daily at airports from Bangkok to Boise, but in this case pilot exploits have exploded onto the internet thanks to a single (and very British) who grabbed his Wi-Fi hotspot and headed to the tarmac to stream all the action for the amazed masses. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your table tops and seat backs in an upright position. It’s time for Big Jet TV.

86,000 souls… no, no, not on board. 86,000 people were simultaneously watching from their homes on Friday morning, glued to their phones as one guy shouted “Ohhh, my easy son!” to giant commercial airliners falling from the sky. If that doesn’t sound like the entertaining equivalent of sticking a fork into an electrical outlet, then something indicates you’ve never watched professional darts.

With football over and dusted off, March Madness still three weeks away, and golf’s greatest battle taking place off the course, we desperately needed some action this week and thankfully Big Jet TV delivered. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go catch up on the 4th quarter…