Newest Additions to Saving Country’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#102)

The Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist is designed to keep you up to date with all the best songs and albums coming out right here in country and roots music. It’s available on most streaming formats (see below), or you can simply use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs have just been added.

Latest additions:

Jordan Foster – “I’m Going Crazy” – We first heard about Jordan Foster when Cody Jinks attended one of his shows in Kentucky, and was so blown away he dragged Foster to his tour bus and opened a window for him. show. Now Jordan Foster has released a new EP called I need a train with some great tracks, including this fire-breathing radiator with some great guitar hits that will have you singing along.

Tim Goodin – “Sons of Appalachia” – Appalachia continues to produce killer songwriters, and Tim Goodin is the one you’ll want to put on your radar. He just released an acoustic EP named after this song, and although it’s only a preliminary taste, it’s already raising a ruckus in the holler. Some great songs here.

Zach Bryan – “Heavy Eyes” – Zach is more of a singer-songwriter than pure country. But with 34 songs on his new album American grief, you know there would be some country-sounding selections in there. “Heavy Eyes” features Zach’s serious and emotional songwriting, but also an excellent selection of countries. Probably one of the best songs on the new album, especially from the country selections, which also include “Whiskey Fever” and “If She Was a Cowboy.”

Zach Bryan – “Half Grown” – If you just have the patience to hear a Zach Bryan song that exemplifies his propulsive songwriting style, “Half Grown” might be the best place to start. “Something in the Orange” is Zach Bryan’s song that is currently one of the most popular songs in all of country music and tops several Billboard charts. But ‘Half Grown’ is probably the best-written of his new 34-song album. American griefand possibly his best-written song of his career so far.

Jaelee Roberts – “Sad Songs” – You better make room in your bluegrass diet for Jaelee Roberts. The Sister Sadie member has just released a solo album titled Something you didn’t count on, and even though “Sad Songs” is full of excellent bluegrass instrumentation, the feeling is all country. Good song.

Adam Hood, Miranda Lambert – “Harder Things” – Brent Cobb, Blackberry Smoke’s Charlie Starr and Davis Nix are all helping Adam Hood write that perfect idea for a country star of a maturing songwriter with a family whose priorities have changed. Then Miranda Lambert steps in to help take it to the next level. Taken from Hood’s upcoming album bad days are better.

49 Winchester – “Russell County Line” – 49 Winchester’s place on the playlist is refreshed with this exquisite ode to their missing home in Russell County, which they will do a lot with their time on the road, and the way their new album Fortune favors the brave is exploding.
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Note: The songs in this playlist are designed for listening pleasure and fluency. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving the current top 25 country music playlist:
  • “Biloxi by two” – Ellis Bullard – Piss-Hot Freightlining Country Music
  • “Russell County Line” – 49 Winchester – Fortune favors the brave
  • “Sad Songs” – Jaelee Roberts – Something you didn’t count on
  • “Heavy Eyes” – Zach Bryan – American grief
  • “Jackson” – Kaitlin Butts – What else can she do?
  • “Sons of Appalachia” – Tim Goodin – Sons of Appalachia PE
  • “I’m Going Crazy” – Jordan Foster – I need a train
  • “Bourbon Whiskey” – William Beckmann – faded memories
  • “Down Home” – David Quinn – fresh country
  • “Twisted Tree” – Molly Tuttle – twisted tree
  • “Dusty Bottles” – Willie Nelson – a beautiful moment
  • “Alone In Person” – Charley Crockett – Lil GL’s Gifts: Jukebox Charley
  • “June 12” – Lyle Lovett – June 12 (5-13)
  • “In Texas with a Band” – Brennen Leigh with Asleep at the Wheel – Obsessed with the West
  • “Stealing the darkness from the night sky” – Arlo McKinley – This mess we’re in (7-15)
  • “Scale These Walls” – Caroline Spence – True North
  • “Half Grown Up” – Zach Bryan – American grief
  • “Sweet Baby Girl” – Kelsey Walson – No regular dog (8-12)
  • “Found in a bar” – Joshua Hedley – neon blue
  • “Bad Mom Jamma” – Alma Russ – Fool’s Gold
  • “Ballad of a Retired Man” – Ian Noe – Mad of the rivers and saints of the mountains
  • “Gone” – Michelle Rivers – chasing somewhere (7-8)
  • “Beyond the Stars” – Tami Neilson, Willie Nelson – Kingmaker (7-15)
  • “Planetary Heartache” – Stacy Antonel – always the stranger (6-17)
  • “Harder Things” – Adam Hood, Miranda Lambert – bad days are better (to be determined)
  • “Love Thy Neighbor” – Stefanie Joyce – (Single)