Monorail Music in Glasgow celebrates Record Store Day with a playlist

Monorail Music, located on Kings Court in the city, has teamed up with international streaming service Qobuz.

Together, they’re part of an international campaign that aims to celebrate how old-school vinyl and modern platforms complement each other.

Record Store Day is the annual celebration of independent record store culture and is celebrated today.

Monorail music in Glasgow

Marc Zisman, music manager at Qobuz, said: “We know that today almost 100% of people buy vinyl from record stores.

“But, they also have a subscription to a digital service.

“There’s a deep connection between the two. I still buy vinyl and work at a digital streaming service.

“They are not two completely different worlds, they are the same.

“I’ve met store owners who have Spotify subscriptions or even use our business.

“There is a bridge to be built between these two worlds.

“So we thought it would be a good idea to show that we’re not that different.”

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The Monorail Music Playlist was curated by store staff and was designed to describe a typical day at the store.

Stephen McRobbie, who works at the store, said: “It starts off soft, with kind of ambient sounds, then it goes to more solid tunes.

“Sometimes when it’s busy, a member of staff will come and put something on that you don’t expect.

“It was designed as a reflection of a shop day.

“It has some of our current favorites like Cold Beat, Lorde [and] Weyes Blood mixed with classic tracks like We Must Be In Love by The Impressions and Strawberry Letter 23 by Shuggie Otis. It’s very wide.”

Both companies are united in their love of music and agree that it is a fundamental part of all of our lives.

Mr. Zisman, the founder of Qobuz, said: “Music has always been important.

“Whatever your age, wherever you live, your life is always linked to music.

“Sometimes a song relates to a very sad part of your life, sometimes to a very happy part, everyone [has their] own soundtrack.

“These songs are deeply embedded in our lives and will never leave us.”

Mr McRobbie, from the East End, added: “Music literacy is so important in the lives of so many people.

“There’s a real sense of community at record stores.

“We believe artists keep making music and people pay to listen to them.”

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 and is celebrated worldwide in independent stores.

Mr Zisman added: “At first it was very small and the idea was for artists to release limited edition vinyl albums.

“We used to line up in front of stores and it was like a treasure hunt.

“Then it got bigger and bigger.

“How they celebrate varies from store to store. Some still sell limited edition vinyl, others hold showcases or events.”

Mr McRobbie said it was the tenth year that Monorail had celebrated the event.

He added: “Vinyl is something alive and important.

“A lot of records come out that day, but also in the afternoon we have bands playing in the shop, DJs, and it becomes a family day and a really nice event.”

You can listen to the playlist here.