Madeon’s “Beach Essentials” Playlist – SPIN

With hangout party fast approaching, we caught up with one of the festival’s major artists, Madeon, for an epic summer playlist. We present to you Madeon’s beach essentials:

Men I Trust – Lauren
This bassline is so contagious! Perfect music for lounging on the beach at 2pm.

Toro and Me – Mississippi
I could put this whole album in this playlist, I’m such a fan.

BAYNK – Naked
So catchy and fun, I keep coming back to that one!

Jamie XX – Let’s Do It Again
I’m so happy to have more music from Jamie, this one sounds like a classic, doesn’t it?

Jim E-Stack – Beside Me
Incredible production, looks like a magic and complex machine.

WILLOW – Wait a minute!
I’m a sucker for this stompy retro production, so fun, I know it’s a few years old but I just found out.

Madeon – I love you back
Listen, I had to sneak it in, but honestly, I think it’s one of my most summery songs in a long time!

Japanese house – I saw you in a dream
By doing this, I realize that my summer mood is more “sipping a cocktail by the pool in the early afternoon” than “up all night”.

Lucky Daye – Looks like
Incredible voice, pristine vibes.

Rina Sawayama – Cherry
Everyone knows that Rina is one of the best pops.

Carpenters – Farewell Love
Every summer needs a timeless romantic ballad.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns