Local Musicians Make Wyoming Road Trip 2022 Playlist

The Wyoming Arts Council released the 2022 Wyoming Road Trip playlist this week, and it happens to include local electronic artist Zük and rockers. Full Blown Mosey.

Cowboy State’s musical talent provides the perfect soundtrack for any adventure, especially those that require long drives across high plains or across mountain passes. Listen to the playlist on Spotify now.

These musicians represent some of the best in Wyoming’s independent music scene. From the blues-infused folk sounds of Shandryn Trumble, to the electronic vibes of Zük, to the hard rock of Ashes of Denial, there’s something for everyone.

The songs were selected by Kendall Smith, the director of programming for a new net zero performing arts center in Basalt, CO called The Arts Campus at Willits (TACAW). The Wyoming Road Trip Playlist is an annual part of the Arts Council’s Wyoming Independent Music Initiative (WIMI), which strives to build a strong music scene in Wyoming.

Artists and tracks include:

  1. Aaron Davis | The Great
  2. Andrew Munz | homecoming queen
  3. ashes of denial | Hold on and drown
  4. benyaro | This is how things seem to be going
  5. Carr J | Hold
  6. From Gringos and Gremmies | Punch
  7. exhorter | Respect is my motto
  8. Full Blown Mosey | Where are you going
  9. Jamie Hansen | Waiting for the weekend
  10. JShogren Shanghai’d | Devil and his wife
  11. missy jo | snake farm
  12. Shandryn Trumble | knees knock
  13. Tattered Art Soldier Sounds | History of the planets
  14. The two tracks | Eternal school bus
  15. third rail | I’m not vomiting… and Centerline
  16. walk the doctor | The Wobble and Am I Wrong
  17. wynona | Common language
  18. Zuk | dead and buried

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