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Live stream Johnny Depp-Amber heard verdict in libel case

The Johnny DeppAmber Heard the case is about to reach the finish line with a decisive winner, or possibly two potential losers — and TMZ airs the announcement at 12:00 a.m. PT.

The jury delivered its verdict on Wednesday in Fairfax, Va. – where they have been deliberating for the past few days after a trial lasting more than a month … with plenty of twists and turns, but more importantly – a mountain of evidence and testimony.

They heard closing arguments Friday, which saw lawyers for Depp and Heard make their case one last time in dramatic fashion. Camilla Vasquez and co. told the jurors to use their common sense, as did AH’s lead attorney, Ben Rottenborn – albeit with a different twist.

Rottenborn said a ruling against Amber would have devastating effects on DV victims – sending a message to those who choose to speak their truths, but lack the most compelling documentation of their trauma…a category in which Amber seemed to fall.

Indeed… while Johnny and Amber had extensive audio recordings of each other in the midst of explosive fights – it would appear that only Johnny explicitly caught AH admitting to punching him.

Of course, Johnny didn’t look like an angel at all – the infamous kitchen trash tape was played in court, which shows him throwing a tantrum and slamming cupboards… while pouring himself a “mega pint” of wine, and eventually catching Amber taping it.

There were also despicable texts that Johnny sent about Amber, which were also shown to the jury. Also, Johnny’s story substance abuse was put under the microscope… something he recognized. And then there’s Amber photos of alleged injuriesof which there were several.

Amber also asked some of her friends to testify on her behalf, saying they saw the alleged injuries after the fact…and often rushed to console her after a…