Lightning In A Bottle 2022 Playlist Now Available

When you are preparing for a festival, it is good to find the corresponding playlist and press “Shuffle”. Sure, you have your headliners and favorites…but you might be surprised who you might run into on a shuffled playlist while you’re folding your laundry. Listening to a good festival mix the week before you put on your rompers and party shirts can be just perfect. This will give you insight into the artists you want to be there for when the time comes.

This year, lightning in a bottle released their official preview playlist on Spotify. The playlist includes 168 hand-selected songs and lasts 10 hours and 54 minutes. The folks at Do LaB did the hard work for us. Now we can get a proper sample tray of new ear juice before the festival starts. The playlist is available on Spotify here.

I recommend listening and when a song hooks you, take a look and give it a like. That way you’ll know what’s going on before you get there.

One of the coolest things about Do LaB is that they’re a bit out there and a bit “ahead” of the wave. At Coachella, they’re given more space for their tent every year (so they might be onto something). Here are some lesser-known names worth revisiting this year.


The French female phenom has a huge cult following, and those who know her love her. She is not far from Ambassador of Poland in that she incorporates tribal and global sounds into her sets. There are keys of Nora In Pure in its energy too, a kind of feminine nod to the sounds of nature which cultivates a dancing atmosphere incredibly connected to the Earth and to Mother Nature. Her lives are always different because she plays in front of the crowd in front of her, like a good music curator does.


This guy has an album Under a darkening sky which is near perfect in its style, balance and execution. It feels like you’re in a melodic spy movie, but rock it. There’s a big journey ahead, and I’m sure his set will be one you won’t want to miss this year. The EDM tunes writers all agreed, it’s awesome.


This guy has dancing R&B chops. When I last saw him in San Diego, he incorporated samples of the old Janet Jackson live into his contemporary progressive style. He has songs with the Grammy winner HIS, The Internetand Andersaan Paak. His ability to mix EDM and Hip Hop plays out seamlessly for a fun and fun time.

LIB is just around the corner in beautiful Lake Buena Vista, CA on Memorial Day weekend. See you soon and good listening!