Learn Spotify’s Weekly Playlist Rules, Here’s Why

Every Monday morning, I wake up beautifully to the music streaming service Spotify. It is a gift that I look forward to if the desire is to facilitate the start of my week. And that’s always my desire. This greatness is presented in the form of thirty songs under a playlist called Discover Weekly. Even though Spotify still lacks high fidelity sound, this playlist is purposely blinding me. Here’s why Spotify’s Discover Weekly appeals to me on the platform.

Spotify Weekly Discover Playlist Rules

Discovering new music might be the next big thing after listening to great music. However, the energy needed to go into the abyss of the internet in search of new good tunes seems exhausting. I find Discover Weekly easily takes care of this problem for me. It looks at the genres you play the most to decide where you’d be ready to explore new music. Thirty new songs, almost always new, every Monday.

Listening to the music on the list feels like it’s from a friend with similar taste to yours – A near-perfect recommendation of songs based on what they know you already like. For about 2 hours or so, I can enjoy what looks like three quality albums I missed. Personalized curation helps me discover new music, and new artists at the same time.

Collaborative filtering

Do you see where this leads? A loop. I discover new music, I add to favorites, the algorithm takes a sneak peek at it, the new week arrives with another list. In my curious research, I discovered that they use a model called collaborative filtering. It collects and analyzes the behaviors of other users of the platform who are like you when it comes to musical taste. If they’ve added songs to their playlists that you don’t have, the algorithm selects the ones it thinks you might like.

I’m on my nth edition of the Discover Weekly Reading Lists, and there’s still no shortage of them. Of course, there are songs that are absolutely below the recommendations. I’ve decided that’s a small price to pay for the other great deals. So I’m not saying it’s absolutely perfect service.

Try it next week if you haven’t already and let us know what you think.