Infinite Pitch Playlist: Round 13: Steph Castor

The endless pitch playlist. // Illustration by Enrique Zabala

welcome to The infinite pitch playlist, an ever-growing playlist of songs chosen by the people of KC. See/follow the full playlist on Spotify and you can always go back and check out the full series of articles. Start the playlist in shuffle mode and enjoy!

Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Steph, but a lot of people call me “Beaver”. I am proud to be the new associate editor of Field and have a lot to say about food, music, the literary arts, sexuality and homosexuality. I’m never afraid of a taboo subject or a difficult conversation.

Where can we follow/support your work?

follow me on instagram and Facebook for poetry updates, sexy food shots, and candid moments with friends from across the community.

Cadmium by Pinegrove

If there was ever a song I could sing every word to, this would be it. “Cadmium” contains memories of rural Kansas backroads, purposely getting lost, drinking the day away, and hugging my friends. Fuzzy percussion complements the conversational flow of Evan Stephens Hall’s vocals. As the first Pinegrove song I ever heard, it remains quite timeless on my personal soundtrack.

“We Talk All the Time” by The Japanese House

In 2019, I decided to do a solo book tour throughout the Pacific Northwest. It also aligned with a monumental breakup that was long in coming. I discovered The Japanese House through a Spotify suggestion about a week before hitting the road. “We Talk All the Time” became my breakup anthem for 36 hours and stuck with me after that. It might be the tinge of the 80s, but something about this song just screams “road trip” and “oh my god, freedom.”

“Coming Back” by James Blake (feat. SZA)

“Coming Back” by James Blake featuring SZA was a song that played while I was taking a shower. We all know that moment of mild panic where you have to jump in the middle of the shower and fumble around with wet fingers to touch that little heart-shaped icon. No? Just me? OKAY.

“Must Stop (Falling in Love)” by ONR (featuring Sarah Barthel of Phantogram)

I start to feel a general theme in the songs I gravitate towards, but I really tend to favor those whose lyrics I unwittingly memorize. I had never heard of ONR, but it’s hard not to love Phantogram. “Must Stop (Falling in Love)” is, in my opinion, a sweet little reminder that sex and love are not always equal or even part of the same conversation.