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How to watch the Daft Punk – The Latch live stream

The all-powerful French electronic duo Daft Punk have treated fans to a 25th anniversary reissue of their classic debut album Homework plus an exclusive live stream of a legendary Los Angeles concert.

The 25th anniversary deluxe edition of Homework is available to download and stream on all your favorite music services and platforms currently while Daft Punk website currently taking pre-release orders for the vinyl edition. It includes the original 16-track album as well as a bonus album of 15 remixes, nine of which have never been available on streaming services.

The remixes are courtesy of producers like DJ Sneak, house legend Todd Terry and American garage house duo Kenlou. There are also several remixes of their international super hit ‘Around the World’, ‘Burnin’ and an acapella version of their track ‘Revolution 909’.

The secret robot duo, consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, announced their withdrawal from the Daft Punk project on this date last year, much to the dismay of their worldwide legions of fans. They seem to have taken their breakup anniversary as a time to reflect and celebrate their work.

In addition to Homeworktheir hugely popular live album, Alive 1997also gets a re-release although there is, naturally, no new version bundled with this one.

The couple announced the updates just hours before streaming their famous 1997 concert at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles on Twitch. The single stream, which began at 2:22 p.m. on 2/22/2022 PST or 9 a.m. this morning, Feb. 23 AEDT, appeared to catch the global press off guard, with many news outlets reporting the event after it was already started.

The concert is infamous in the Daft fan circles for being one of the only performances the duo has ever given without wearing their signature robot helmets.

Daft Punk is widely regarded as one of the most influential electronic bands of all time. Founded in 1993, the duo’s career spanned almost three decades before coming to an abrupt end in 2021. They have sold millions of albums worldwide while receiving over 15 million monthly streams on Spotify. This despite the fact that they never performed live after 2007.

Their first album, Homeworkwas groundbreaking in solidifying the sound of French House – blending funk, techno and disco – and bringing electronic music into the mainstream.

They have been cited as influences by such mainstream artists as LCD Soundsystem, Gesaffelstein and Pharrell Williams. Their 2013 album, Random access memoriesfeaturing Nile Rogers and Giorgio Moroder, went platinum and won several Grammy awards that year, including album of the year.

How to Watch the Mayan Theater Live Stream

If you missed the concert, it is no longer available for live streaming on Twitch. While the news is disheartening to many, the internet has thankfully already worked hard to preserve this historic content.

In a few hours, clones of the live stream have appeared online, with fan sharing links to download the video to Google Drive files. There are also copies of the performance circulating on torrent sites for those with the technical know-how to acquire them.

If you’re not quite ready to scour the depths of the internet to find a copy, several versions have been uploaded to YouTube and are available to stream now.

You can find different versions of varying quality here, here, hereand here, although the lifespan of each is yet to be determined. It’s more than likely that these videos will be subject to copyright claims and will be taken down soon, so listen to them while you can!

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