How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist

When it comes to your social media presence, you may not always consider how you present yourself on your edge accounts. Of course, you have your Instagram aesthetic curated down to the thumbnail; your Twitter humor is always on mark; and your Facebook is as family-friendly as it gets for an app your aunt uses to sell essential oils. But it’s easy to overlook the social media component that comes with service-based apps like Spotify. (That is, until your friend sees you in their Spotify friends activity bar listening to *NSYNC nonstop.) In many ways, these apps can be more revealing than any social media app whether through friends activity bar, vulnerable playlist. names, or find surprising followers who connect to such an intimate sphere of his online activity. And you may be starting to pay more attention to how you show up there.

Probably one of your first concerns when reconsidering your music app’s presence (besides how to start a private session so you can listen to your guilty pleasures guilt-free) is who has liked your Spotify playlists. Just as you probably started a supporting playlist that your friend poured their heart and soul into, you probably have fans of your own. And, while you can easily scroll through your Spotify followers, seeing who took the time to listen and save your playlists to their library isn’t quite as simple.

Maybe you’ve been curious if your best friend actually listens to the birthday playlist you created for him. Or you wonder if your crush can see from your zodiac sign playlist fair how compatible you are. Whatever your reasoning, here’s everything you need to know to find out who liked your Spotify playlists.

How to See Who Liked Your Playlists on Spotify

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have a simple feature to let you see who liked your playlists. However, you can see how many likes each of your playlists has and then do a bit of deductive reasoning to piece together who your music fans are.

To see how many likes your Spotify playlist has, just head to your Spotify profile on the mobile or desktop version of the app. To do this on mobile, open your library in the lower right corner of your screen, then click on your profile picture in the upper left corner. Click “View Profile” at the top of the list, and under the short view of your playlists, click “See All” at the bottom. On the desktop, click your name in the upper right corner of your screen next to the friends activity bar, then click profile. Scroll down to “Public Playlists” and click “View All”.

From here, you’ll see an overview of all your playlists with the number of subscribers the playlist has listed under its title. If you want to play detective, you can always guess which people might have liked a certain playlist. (Think: your road trip playlist was probably liked by your fellow travelers, etc.) Spotify sometimes includes someone’s favorite playlists in its list of public playlists. So, head over to their public playlists by going to their profile and expanding their playlists, and scan to see if your playlist is listed there. Spotify doesn’t always display all of someone’s liked playlists in its public playlist, so this trick doesn’t always work. But it’s worth it.