Halo Infinite gets new Last Spartan Standing playlist with all major team battle maps

Infinite Halo has now introduced a standalone Last Spartan Standing playlist that includes all Big Team Battle maps in the game. 343 Industries announced the new playlist on Twitter, after previously announcing that they were working on bringing the list live same day reading.

Prior to this update, players could only play Last Spartan Standing on one map: Breaker. As the mode proved to be very popular, players requested 343 Industries to add more maps to the game mode to expand its replayability. Thanks to the update, Last Spartan Standing can now be played on the entire current line of Big Team Battle maps: High Power, Fragmentation, Deadlock, and Breaker.

Infinite Halo recently launched Season 2, dubbed Lone Wolves. Despite a launch described by the studio as “bumpy”, 343 Industries has been working on patches, balancing and updating the game.

Recent teases from 343 Industries also indicate that Infinite Halo may one day see popular maps of oldies Halo the games are back. The Chief Creative Officer of 343 Industries said, “I think it would be great to play these maps again, wouldn’t it? Sounds like a fun thing.