Grag Queen picks pride songs to make you feel ‘inspired’

It’s Pride Month! Throughout the month of June, HollywoodLife is running The sound of pridea month-long feature where members of the LGBTQ+ community choose songs that should be on your Pride 2022 playlist. Grag Queen shares her picks for the playlist and a message for those celebrating Pride this month.

“We’re not just celebrating our existence,” says Grag Queen. “I think we’re celebrating our resilience and everything that’s happened over the past two years. As queer people, our community knows that we do not have the same opportunities and realities as others. And so, I think we celebrate everything that we [have endured]. As a Brazilian queen, where I live in the place that kills LGBT people the most. Every day is a party. So being alive in my country, being queer, being open and breathing out of my wigs, that’s a really big reason for a big Pride celebration.

(Rodolfo Magalhaes)

Grag has a lot to celebrate this year. The Brazilian-born drag performer won Queen of the Universe, the international drag queen singing contest broadcast on Paramount+. Grag competed against other singing drag artists from China (Woowu), India (Rani Ko-He-Nur), Mexico (Voice of Regina), Australia (Gingzilla), France (Leona Winter) and England (The voice), as well as a handful of American competitors (Ada Vox, Aria B Cassadine, Jujube, Chy’enne Valentino, Novaczar) and Canada (Aunt Alex). Grag also released “You Betta”, his very first English song, “You Betta”.

Fans will be able to experience the ferocity of Grag in person. She will perform across North America and England in June. Be sure to check the dates below.

Grag Queen, “You Betta” / “Party Everyday”

Pride 2022: Stars and celebrities from the LGBTQ+ community choose the perfect songs for your Pride playlist

Grag Queen: We are coming out of a very crazy period. We have been locked in our homes, and we have been away from art and people. [We’re now] have the chance to do our shows and be close to people.

In the middle of this chaos, there is this Brazilian girl who comes from very far away and full of… no hope, just going through a very crazy and terrible time in her country. And then she left [to America]and she won the title of Queen of the Universe.

I love celebrating Pride, but I think right now, in addition to celebrating Pride Beyond, we also need to remember that we’re still perfect. We are always well and capable of dreaming and achieving whatever we want to achieve.

HollywoodLife: “You Betta” is fun and exciting to listen to. It could really be a song of the summer.

“I love that one, but I’m coming with new songs, and I’m sure this will be one of them. I have a few songs in English like ‘Getting Cooked’.

What’s it going to look like?

So I have one I’m doing with Disney. This is for the soundtrack of Love, Victor. It’s the one in their series, and it’s amazing. I’m so honored to be part of the soundtrack and this song – girl, this song is amazing! I’ve just been addicted to this song since the day we recorded the demo. And so I still listen to them every day, and I’m sure you’ll love it. People at Disney and in their office, they always send us emails saying they can’t stop playing this. And I’m so, so happy because of it.

Gloria Groove, “LSD”

I’m going to put Gloria Groove. She’s one of my Brazilian sisters. Because she does [a] revolution in my country. She inspires me so much, and I’m sure nothing would be without her existence. I would like to have one of his songs there. She just released an album, and it’s going like fire. It represents me and makes me dream and makes me want to achieve [them].

What song would you recommend to someone who has never heard of her? Something you would say “Listen to this” to make Gloria their new favorite artist?

I would choose the song “LSD” from his new album.

You’ll be at LA Pride, Chicago Pride and New York Pride – with plenty of shows in between.

Yes, and my birthday.

When is your birthday?

It’s the 29th.

What do you want people to give you for your birthday?

So I’m going to take a day off for my birthday in New York. So if you want to bring me what you want to bring me, I take it because, female dog, I come from Brazil. Everything is so expensive there.

(Rodolfo Magalhaes)

Experience Grag Queen Performing Live in These Beautiful Towns

6/3 – Roscoe’s – Chicago, IL
6/5 – West Hollywood, CA – Queernaval
6/10 – Hotel Utah – San Francisco, CA
6/11 – LA Pride in the Park withAnitta and Christina Aguilera – Los Angeles, CA
6/18 – Kemba Live – Columbus, Ohio
6/19 – Chicago Pride Fest withThunderbolt in Alaska –Chicago, IL
6/20 – City Winery – Boston, Massachusetts
6/21 – Milkboy – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6/22 – The Loft @ City Winery – Washington, DC
06/24 – The Meadows – Brooklyn, New York
6/25- NYC Pride’s Youth Pride @ Rumsey Playfield – New York
6/26 – RENDEZVIEWS Toronto, Canada
7/1 – The Queer Bar – Seattle, WA