From Angry Samoans to Kendrick Lamar – LA’s 100th weekly playlist is live

Angry Samoans to Kendrick Lamar: The hundredth THE weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians we’ve written about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Joseph Capriati, hip-hop from Kendrick Lamar and Lil Eazzyy, punk from the Angry Samoans and Skullcrack, alt-pop from Billie Eilish and more.

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Ministry (Derick Smith)

Angry Samoans to Kendrick Lamar

Also this week:

Al Jourgensen of the Ministry print stars said of their upcoming SoCal show, “Yeah, it’s been almost two and a half years. Quite a journey from our little imposed quarantine lives in which we participated. I managed to make the equivalent of almost two, two and a half albums just by being in forced quarantine quarantine. Believe me, I’m not complaining, but I have a studio at home so, OK, there’s nothing to do – let’s just be creative for a few years. It worked well, but I can’t wait to get back on the road, which I never thought I’d say, but here we are.

“I knew when we were done with that, that OK, that’s a good one,” Jourgensen said of the new album. Moral hygiene. “He’s a keeper. After 15 or 17 years, there’s probably maybe four or five keeper. It’s in the keeper category. It seems like everything that’s talked about on this album comes to fruition more than ever. Things like fascism coming to a head, they’re trying every legal trick in the book to impose authoritarianism on this country, with the right to vote and everything we were singing about then comes to fruition now.

In “Not Another DJ”, Joseph Capriati said of his sound: “I play different types of sessions. If you really know me, you know that you can expect one session or another depending on the venue, the party, the crowd and generally the vibe. I don’t have a line to follow and I’m very versatile, for example if I play Awakenings you can expect a very techno-oriented set. If I play Space Club Terrace in Miami you can expect a groovy set, if I play Ibiza you can expect a House/Tech-House set. It really depends and I like being able to follow the vibe and pull my sound from there.

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