BI wows music lovers around the world with “BTBT”

BI is mesmerizing music lovers around the world with their new track, “BTBT,” featuring American rapper Soulja Boy and DeVita.

Since emerging as a soloist in 2021, BI has continued to hone his craft, building an impressive discography that is unapologetically himself. On each release, the multi-talented artist showcases his personal sound and color with music representative of his unique charisma. “BTBT” is his latest release to do so – a haunting global collaboration track with American rapper Soulja Boy, featuring Korean singer DeVita.

“BTBT” is a reference to the Korean word “biteul biteul”, which means “amazing”. Through song, BI conveys the staggering and often overwhelming experience of love and the first steps one takes towards those who captivate them.

The meaningful sentiment is delivered through a sensual and atmospheric track. With its percussive characteristics and booming bass, the song quickly thrills listeners in its addictive rhythm. The soothing melody is the foundation of BI’s crooning vocals, a soothing yet seductive delivery to the loving lyrics.

The track is further enhanced by the participation of global artists, including American rapper Soulja Boy. Additionally, rising Korean singer, DeVita, also lends her talented vocals to the song. Three-time Grammy-nominated production team The Stereotypes were also involved in its creation.

BI showcases his wide array of talent in his accompanying futuristic music video. In a cyberpunk space, viewers follow BI on an electric journey. The warmth of his friendships and budding love highlighted in the video contrasts starkly with the coldness of futuristic space.

The video showcases BI’s skills as an on-screen talent in addition to being his executive producer.

Meanwhile, fans can expect new music from the artist to arrive soon. “BTBT” is the pre-release single from his upcoming worldwide album project, LOVE OR LOVE [L.O.L].

Image and video source: Transparent Arts | IOK | 131

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