Best songs and albums of Rosalía

Few artists can feel both past and future. It might sound mutually exclusive, but that’s exactly how Spanish singer Rosalía sounds. Hailing from Catalonia, the recording artist has been praised for the artful way she takes flamenco and combines it with dance with modern music, whether reggaeton or American pop, to create something unique. ‘unique. With her cherubic voice, flamenco-inspired guitars and signature handclaps, and contemporary output, she reintroduced folk music that many considered a thing of the past for millions in just a few years – and it seems she never does. what to start.

Born Rosalia Vila Tobella, the 29-year-old singer grew up in a suburb of Barcelona with an admiration for Spanish folk music and an ambition to write her own music, inspiring her to immerse herself in studies to learn flamenco from of master craftsmen. . Eventually, she attended Catalonia College of Music, where she worked on some of her now-released records as college projects. Although she only released her debut album Los Angelesa collection of flamenco covers, in 2017, his second inventive release El Mal Querer captured the attention of critics and fans just a year later, propelling her to mainstream success with a handful of Grammy and Latin Grammy wins. In the four short years that followed, she carved her own path to international stardom by dropping singles and becoming a fashion star, while collaborating with Bad Bunny, Billie Eilish, J Balvin, James Blake and The Weeknd – each release helping him explore a new sound, find a new audience and elevate his global stardom.

Cultural cross-pollination has been an exciting movement in the music industry since it started storming the charts in the mid-2010s, and Rosalía has recently been a part of it. Being trilingual (speaking Catalan, English and Spanish), she found collaborators and fans in Latin America, helped bring attention to music coming from her home country and, once again, revitalized a genre close and dear to his culture. Because she has become such a force internationally, her third album Motomami, released today via Columbia Records, is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and it will likely see it become even more well-known. To help you get to grips with the new record and understand who Rosalía is as an artist, we’re breaking down her most essential releases. Like she once said rolling stone“I look at any genre as a snow globe – you don’t admire it for its stillness. You have to shake it and see how it explodes” these records are sure to help you see what an explosion is colorful and inventive she burst onto the scene with it.