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I don’t have kids, but if I did, I suspect ranking them would be like trying to find the positions for this ranking. The time I spent in front of my BTS shelves watching my albums come and go on what was going to be top five and what wasn’t was pretty much a physical ordeal – but I’m actually very happy to have done.

As an ARMY stalwart – 2022 is my sixth year in the BTS world – all of their music obviously means a lot to me and each era has different memories from different periods of my life attached to it. But I tried to remain as objective as possible by giving my reasoning for each investment.

So there you have it, my ultimate ranking of the albums and EPs that BTS have released throughout their nearly decade-long career. Let me know what your list looks like in the comments and let’s go down this path of amazing music.

15. Butter

It’s not that I don’t like the latest version of BTS. But the quality of Butter The EPs – while having one of their most stunning photo ops yet – aren’t quite as high as the other titles on this list. The CD itself only has two songs, after all – iconic songs, yes, but still only two.

14. O!RUL8.2?

O!RUL8.2?a stylized version of Oh, are you late too?, is BTS’s second album and the second installment in their school trilogy, also known as their first era. While their appearance is definitely interestingthe ten titles of O!RUL8.2? definitely laying a solid foundation of who BTS is as a group in 2013 and who they will become in the future. It’s just that I don’t like the whole album as much as the others – but nothing motivates me as much as shouting out the last verse of “The Rise Of Bangtan”. loud choir.

13. 2 cool 4 school

The iconic debut album, the place where it all began. Some questionable choices were made when it came to looks, but the first two singles — “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” and “No More Dream” — were and continue to be such huge bops that will likely never go out of style. In all, 2 cool 4 school was truly a great introduction to who BTS planned to be in the K-Pop scene – and it’s fascinating to look back almost ten years later to see where they’ve changed drastically and where they’ve kept their musical style.

12. Dark and Wild

dark and wild is BTS’ first full-length album, and while it’s not technically part of the School Trilogy, it’s still very similar to it, both in terms of sound and overall aesthetic. dark and wildin general, goes to great highs – spectacular and spectacular “Danger” – and great lows – meme-generating machine “War of Hormone” – but it is generally a big closing moment for the first era of the band’s career , with all its contradictions.

11. Skool Luv Case + Special Addition

The last payment of the School trilogy is also my favorite. The boys’ sound had already had some time to mature and evolve, and while it was still very aggressive – see the EP’s first single “Boy in Luv” – it also found time to relax and to be a bit more into his R’n’B side – as evidenced by the Special additionthe title track of “Miss Right”. Skool Luv case also contains “old school BTS” songs that have become legendary, such as “Spine Breaker”, “Tomorrow”, “Just One Day” and “Jump”. Ah, “Jump”. My eyebrows have never once do not caught fire hearing SUGA say “Let’s jump up and down / Uriga wasseo we are BTS” at the start of the bridge.

10. Soul Map: Persona

We enter the top 10 with a bit of “Oh my my my, Oh my my my”. A scientifically proven phrase to immediately improve everyone’s day. Soul Map: Persona is the first part of a duology (or was it meant to be a trilogy?) in which BTS reflects on themselves and their role as artists through the three Jungian concepts of Persona, Shadow and Ego. out of the two, WORDS: Persona look outside of BTS – who they are as idols and what their relationship with ARMYs looks like. It’s packed with iconic bops like “Boy With Luv,” crowd-shaking “Dionysus,” and absolutely devastating concert-ending “Mikrokosmos,” and it’s like a good rejuvenating moment every time you put it on.

9. BE

TO BE has been called the most mature album BTS has ever released, and for good reason – almost entirely self-produced, from the music to the photobook to the packaging, TO BE came out right in the middle of the pandemic and it contains the boys’ reflection on the time spent between confinement and isolation. It’s intimate and true because the eight titles of TO BE proved once again that BTS truly are the voice of their generation – both in good times and bad. Personally, I haven’t yet recovered from the devastating emotional whooping cough “Blue & Grey” gave me the first time I listened to it.

8. The most beautiful moment in life, pt. 1

Jthe most beautiful moment of lifealso known as HYYH from its Korean name Hwa-yang-yeonhwais probably the The BTS era. Not necessarily the best albums – well in my opinion – but the overall message and aesthetic of that era and the way it so perfectly captured the contrasting emotions of being young will forever remain iconic. This does not mean that the HYYH the albums are bad – they contain some of the most famous tracks in all of BTS’ repertoire, and this debut EP, in particular, probably includes one of my five favorite BTS songs, “I Need U”.

7. The most beautiful moment in life, pt. 2

Even though “I Need U” holds a very special place in my ARMY life, the second The most beautiful moment of life EP ranks higher than the first due to its overall track list – a gallery of bop after bop, from the melancholic “Butterfly” to the absolutely demonic “Baepsae”. All in all, the two EPs put together are a great jumping off point to enter BTS’s discography – and they represent, should I say, a time in their career when they really started to grow into their roles as artists and idols.

6. Do you like: Her

This moment of growth into artists and idols that I was talking about for the HYYH definitely hit their peak and full maturity with what has to be their most famous era to date – Love yourself. Do you like: Her and its debut single, “DNA”, are what propelled BTS to international stardom – not that they weren’t famous outside of South Korea before, but BTS’s purple tide really started to rise. with the promotion of “DNA” (and hasn’t stopped since). All nine tracks on this EP are more than iconic – “DNA” and “Best of Me,” another great ARMY song; “Go Go” and “Mic Drop”, which have the audience on their feet and screaming every time they are played live; one of Jimin’s most beautiful solos, “Serendipity”. Globally, Do you like: Her is a pivotal album in BTS’s career and the only reason it’s not higher on the list is because the trilogy it started has been complemented by two more pivotal albums.

5. Soul Map: 7

The second part of soul map duology, WORD: 7 focuses more on BTS themselves than their stage characters. Beyond the two lead singles, “ON” and “Black Swan,” each member gets a solo and a moment to reflect on their life and who they really are – from Jungkook’s “My Time” to Jin’s “Moon.” , passing by Yoongi. Hoseok’s aggressive “Shadow” and optimistic “Ego”. It’s an album about BTS, and it will definitely help listeners understand how they see themselves and how they feel after seven years of being in business.

4. The most beautiful moment in life: young forever

Forever Young was the end of the HYYH era, a repackaging album that included all tracks from both EPs as well as new songs, including fan-favorite “Fire.” That feeling when Yoongi says Bultaoreune before the music explode just nalways getting old. Forever Young truly encompasses all of BTS HYYH era and is the perfect symbol of a very specific time in their lives – and the lives of ARMYs, who share their same struggles and outlook on the world.

3. Wings + You Never Walk Alone

Here we go again. The first three. wings and You never walk alone, the first being a full album and the second a repackaging, are another defining moment in BTS’s career – is it because of the legend ahead of its time “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and the queen of the charts? Spring Day? May be. Probably. The entire tracklist is brimming with gold, as BTS embarks on their first concept album (based on Herman Hesse’s bildungsroman Demian) and transitions completely from childhood to early adulthood.

2. Do you love yourself: answer

YOU CAN’T STOP LOVING ME! Do you love yourself: answer brought us their debut single, “IDOL,” a certified incredible song to scream at the top of a sold-out stadium. To respond marks the end of the love yourself era and it really does deliver the answer it promises – what does it really mean to love yourself? It packs a huge emotional punch and conveys much of the message that BTS has become known for across the fandom – self-love, acceptance, honesty about their struggles.

1. Do you love yourself: tear

The second album of love yourself the trilogy will forever be that album for me. The darkest meaning and feeling, starting with the raw vulnerability of “FAKE LOVE”, Tear is heartbreak after the initial euphoria of His and before the revelation of To respond – he alternates between being quietly melancholy and violently hurt, and it’s such an emotional rollercoaster that he couldn’t do not to be number one on this list.

(image: Big Hit/HYBE)

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