Apple Music Releases ‘Defiant Jazz’ Playlist From Hit Series ‘Severance’

“Severance” may have just wrapped its first season on Apple TV+, but the party is just getting started for all Lumon lovers.

Shared by Tramell Tillman, the actor who plays Milchick, Apple created the “Defiant Jazz” playlist on Apple Music, a throwback to the dance party the band won in season one.

Ben Stiller, who directed most of the first season, said the playlist “embodies the weird tension beneath the surface that always exists with the characters.”

“It’s genre-breaking music, which I hope matches the feeling that our show aspires to,” Ben Stiller told Apple Music of this playlist celebrating the Season 1 finale of his Apple Original Severance series streaming on Apple TV+. The title of the playlist – and its collection of skronky retro and avant-garde jazz selections from artists like Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane and Albert Ayler – references the soundtrack of a deeply unsettling office dance party in the seventh episode of the series, which is about data entry employees at a mysterious company with a chip implanted in their brains that prevents them from remembering their non-work lives. “We wanted it to reflect the weirdness of corporate culture,” Stiller says of both the scene and the spirit of the songs found here. “To me, the feel of the show is still ‘retro generic.’

This temperamental mood is exemplified by the playlist’s opening track, “Shakey Jake” by Joe McPhee. “He embodies the weird tension beneath the surface that always exists with characters,” Stiller says. “And the saxophone is crazy – I don’t know how it gets those sounds. It’s a 13+ minute track and the construction is amazing. It pushes the boundaries of jazz form, almost to an anarchic level.”

You can check out the new playlist on Apple Music below:

“Severance” is now streaming on Apple TV+. If you want to enjoy the series in the best possible quality, check out our review of the new Apple TV 4K.

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