Apple Music celebrates great albums in new ‘Essential Anniversaries’ feature

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It’s been 25 years since Radiohead released “OK Computer,” and now that album is featured along with many other classics in a special Apple Music collection called “Essential Anniversaries.”

Apple Music has long had collections of music it calls Essentials Playlists. Think of an artist or band and it’s like there’s an Essentials playlist for them.

It’s not necessarily a hits playlist either. It is a selection of music curated by humans representing the best of an artist, as if chosen by a fan.

“Essential albums are the ones you listen to at home, the ones you swear by,” Apple says in the Apple Music pick. “These are classics and game-changing records that have defined eras, careers, movements and moments in time”

“This is the place on Apple Music where we celebrate Essentials as they approach

milestone anniversaries,” he continues, “with exclusive artist interviews, live events, and extensive editorial notes.”

In the case of “OK Computer,” these extras come in the form of a single streaming program. Titled “Essential Album: OK Computer”, it features selections from the album, as well as the story of its creation.

The “Essential Albums” show sounds like it was pulled from an Apple One radio streaming session. It’s also apparently only available for the currently promoted album, not the entire line of Essentials.