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A little over 10 years ago, Mayday Parade released their self-titled album. As their anniversary tour kicks off, I revisited their discography and ranked them from best to worst.

1. May Day Parade (2011)

After going through all their albums again, I always come back to their eponymous title. May Day Parade continues to be their strongest work and showcases them the most as artists. With songs like “Oh Well, Oh Well”, “Stay” and “Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven’t Ended Yet”, it’s clear that this is their best album. After hearing the entire album live in Austin, my opinion of the previous album had solidified. This is the album that really made them the band the scene knows today.

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2. A Lesson in Romance (2007)

This album is a staple of emo.

“Jamie Everywhere”.

“Wretched at best”.


“You will be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I will be the wings that will keep your heart in the clouds”.

Their beginnings A lesson in romance has their most popular songs and it’s definitely a classic. This is the album that we put on in the summer and that we remember. This is the album you put on after a breakup. It has always been the must-have album in their discography and has had an impact on pop-punk music.

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3. Monsters in the Closet (2013)

I think of Monsters In The Closet as the sister album to the self-titled album. The aesthetic and overall sound definitely stemmed from their 2011 album, following their new brand at the time. The piquant accompaniment of their previous album, for example, continues on this one. Some of the best songs from this album include “Girls”, “12 Through 15”, “Even Robots Need Blankets”, and “Hold Onto Me”.

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4. Everywhere But Here (2009)

just like A lesson in romancetheir 2009 album everywhere except here has that classic pop-punk sound. This album is often forgotten, but it has some fan favorites. Some standout tracks include “Kids In Love”, “Save Your Heart”, “Center of Attention”, and “I Swear This Time I Mean It”.

Fun fact: During the Q&A in Austin for their anniversary tour, lead singer Derek Sanders revealed that “I Swear This Time I Mean It” was written as a “lullaby” for a woman he had previously dated because she suffered from insomnia.

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5. What it means to fall apart (2021)

Their last album What it means to collapse has a great mix of new and nostalgic. Tracks like “Kids Of Summer” and “Golden Days” bring back their old sound, while tracks like “Angels Die Too” and “Bad At Love” have their signature ballads, and a more experimental track like “Heaven.” Globally, What it means to collapse is a sold work. I would love to see what else they can do if they were to do another song like “Heaven” because we never hear any kind of synth in their music.

Not-so-funny fact: According to Derek Sanders at the Q&A in Austin, he recently divorced his high school sweetheart. Although many Mayday Parade songs are about heartache, “Bad At Love” seems to be different. The song’s approach sounds more emotional, especially in Sanders’ vocals. The music video also shows strong emotions between a couple.

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6. Black Lines (2015)

Their most polarizing album, black lines comes to no. 6. This was an edgy, edgy album attempt, but it’s not their strongest. “One Of Them Will Destroy The Other” was definitely an anticipated single, as it features the former lead singer of pop-punk band Real Friends. Another great experimental track on the album is “Hollow”. It has a darker sound than what we typically hear, and they nailed it well. The distorted guitar is also very remarkable. This album proves that not all artists who change their sound are “bad artists”. However, compared to the rest of their discography, I don’t think black lines is their best album.

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7.Sunnyland (2018)

At last, sunnyland ranks as no. 7. While “Is Nowhere” and “Piece of Your Heart”, and “It’s Hard to Be Religious When Certain People are Never Incinerated by Bolts of Lightning” are great songs, the album still doesn’t compare to others . It’s a solid comeback album, as it’s the first album they’ve released under Rise Records. Alternate sound suits them well, but sunnyland isn’t as noticeable and could have used a bit more substance.

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