5 new albums to listen to: March 5, 2022

This article was previously published on Audiomack World.

King Von— What it means to be king

Few were more real than King Von. A Chicago exercise legend at the age of 26, when rap lost Von, there was collective grief. His album 2019 Grandson Vol. 1 marked him as an exciting newcomer, and his debut album Welcome to O’Block a year later, he reported that he was much more than a protege of Lil Durk. What it means to be king, King Von’s first posthumous offering, is 19 raw talent titles. Von’s signature howls and ability to cringe throughout production are on full display. The album is strong, but also a reminder of all that we have lost.

Watch King Von spit an exclusive freestyle for Bless the stand.

jeyze — Virtuous

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, iayze is one of the most exciting new rap artists. Pronounced “Jace,” iayze pairs his internet-savvy sound with irresistible punchlines and hard-hitting delivery. His self-awareness extends to Virtuous, where iayze can be seen sitting on the moon with her laptop, ready to fuck online and let loose some fire. This project has all the color and melody of the new generation of hip-hop, from the viral hit “556” to “Look At Them Racks”, which sounds like the come-up of an acid trip.


KAINA redefines the home

Chicago pop singer KAINA redefines home on her sweet and delicious second album, “It Was a Home.”

MICHAEL — After dinner we talk about dreams

There’s something pure about friends coming together to make music. MICHELLE, a collective of six musicians from New York, has finally become its own on After dinner we talk about dreams. The second album features the band’s sharpest songwriting to date, with a hint of fun in the way the vocals come together to draw the ear in. Since 2018, MICHELLE has been working together to reshape the definition of a pop group. With this album, it feels like their dreams have come true.

Learn more about MICHELLE by reading their Re-raised characteristic.

KAINA — It was a house

Three years after their debut, Chicago’s KAINA redefined the concept of home on their second album. A warm and pensive look at identity and instability, It was a house is also a wonderfully tender and lovely collection of community-inspired music that keeps the grace for yourself. “Come Back As A Flower” in particular will have you crying tears of joy. There is a resolution to these tracks that gives listeners hope in continually painful times.

paopao, La Gabi & Villano Antillano (with Aria Vega & Cami Da Baby) — hebrismo

hebrismo is an all-female EP led by the next powerhouses of Latin music. Executive produced by paopao, the EP features J artist Balvin La Gabi, queer icon Villano Antillano, Aria Vega and Cami Da Baby for seven hard-hitting tracks. Beyond the tightness and excitement of the music, the EP signals a significant shift in Latin music toward equity and female empowerment.