5 new albums to listen to: January 22, 2022

This article was previously published on Audiomack World.

EMPIRE paper route — Long live the young dolphin

It’s a wild ride to put into words the seriousness of Young Dolph’s loss. The hometown Memphis hero changed music through his independent mindset, constant mentorship of upcoming artists and humility. To honor his legacy, Dolph’s label, Paper Route EMPIRE, is releasing a tribute project featuring 10 tracks featuring artists he developed during his all-too-brief stint with us. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, the project revolves around Key Glock’s tribute, “Proud”:”I got Dolph looking down on me / I know that guy is proud.”

PREFER – Riddim 5

Afropop artist FAVE debuts with his EP Riddim 5. His 2021 single “Baby Riddim” amassed over 15 million streams on Audiomack and launched FAVE’s career. Riddim 5 is a modern take on brevity and reverie. The sensual “Kilotufe” drips with a slowing pain that becomes a kind of balm. “Sounds in my head that want to come out finally get their chance,” FAVE says of the EP. “For me, it’s not the number of songs that come out but the number of songs that I can create.”


Damedot — The umbrella again

Hometown Detroit hero Damedot returns with a buffet of quotes in The umbrella again. the mafia lord and one of the 10 rappers you should know may be exploding online with “Stand Over Him,” but his sinister punchlines run deeper than social trends – Damedot is one of the architects of Detroit’s frenzied sound who has took over in 2021. , Damedot remembers funerals, shootings and drug dealings.

Black Che — food for thought

“I connect with people spiritually,” says Che Noir to open his new album, food for thought. The Buffalo native started making music at age 15, and in the decade-plus since the rapper has developed an introspective and slick sound. The gnarled bars Che brings to the table feel like the beginning of dusk on the darkest night of the year. His street wisdom and his punchlines (“The rap game left blood on my hands / So I finger paint”) exude endless granularity.

Teddy is swimming — tough love

Atlanta-based Teddy Swims have been an Audiomack favorite since their debut album, Unlearn. Its twang and catchy melodies made single “911” a fitting teaser for his new project, tough love. Touching on all aspects of romance, the sound of Teddy Swims is both grandiose (“Please Turn Green”) and melancholy (“Amazing”), with a touch of love. Calling himself “America’s Stepfather,” this pop actor has a rock-solid voice and the know-how to put his deepest life experiences on wax.