5 new albums to listen to: April 9, 2022

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42 Dugg & IS Gee — The last left

42 Dugg took over Detroit in 2020, and meanwhile, EST Gee became Louisville’s rap monster. Together they are the The last left. A collaborative band of pure bars and street bravado, driven by squealing deliveries and two of the best flows in rap today, Dugg’s gummy vocals pair well with Gee’s gruff presence. This band is mean. Dugg and Gee come together to make a serious statement: rap is in good hands with this new generation.

Sydney— broken hearts club

It’s been five years since Syd’s first solo album, Fin. The internet singer moved away from the band’s sound in 2017 to cultivate something a little more moody. In the years that followed, Syd’s singles suppressed the vibe instead of bouncing, resulting in “Right Track” featuring Smino and “CYBAH” featuring Lucky Daye, both of which found their way onto his second album, broken hearts club. From “Tie The Knot” to “Missing Out”, this album reveals a new tone and a new mode for Syd. Even when her vocals are reminiscent of the slower cuts of the internet, the production reminds us that Syd is able to sit comfortably in multiple sonic worlds.

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Vince Staples— Ramona Park broke my heart

Vince Staples’ career arc is all about going low and quiet to make the biggest statement. Last years Vince Staples was shy on first listen, but the writing and directness made it one of the rapper’s boldest offerings. Ramona Park broke my heart is Vince’s longest album since his success DST ’06 beginnings, and yet Ramona Park is less rowdy, it is more powerful. Here, Vince focuses on another level of storytelling, giving us bits of him that seem almost too personal to witness – all across a carefully crafted production.


After two successful EPs, pop singer ROLE MODEL makes her debut with Rx, a soft-voiced album that swells with sincerity. The 11 tracks of the album trace perfectly the evolution of the artist from an imperfect angel to a melodious dreamer. The singles “If Jesus Saves, She’s My Type” and “Forever and More” telegraphed the honeyed tone of Rx, but given the twist of previous EPs, “can you say the same” in particular stands out as a desperate anthem. Closer “rx” is the most stripped down ROLE MODEL to date, reminiscent of songs from 2017 that caught the attention of fans and labels.

Billy Woods & Preservation — Ethiopias

Billy Woods, one of the greatest living writers and rappers, teams up with production veteran Preservation for Ethiopias. Much like his work as a rapper and producer with Blockhead, Woods thrives when he locks himself in with a songwriter. Crisp raps and a cast of talent ranging from El-P to ELUCID mark the album’s 40-minute runtime. “Nyne” is a sprawling cut, and in true woods fashion, the closing song (“Smith + Cross”) floods the veins with the kind of angst and thought-provoking dread that made woods a New York rap icon. stage and beyond.