10 YouTube Playlist Channels To Check Out For Every Mood

What if you had a playlist for each specific mood you’re feeling?

YoutubePlaylist culture has a large audience, but nobody talks about it. Both invasive and private, the internet is home to the largest crowd in the world. Yet it also retains an illusion of solitude and intimacy. Youtube’s playlist culture presupposes exactly this paradoxical experience of intimacy in a crowd. You can find many one-hour playlists: selected songs with added rain sound effects to replicate rainy days, or the simulation of sitting in a cafe on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the sounds of the coffee machine and conversations in the background as jazzy tracks dominate the audio.

These playlists transport listeners to a different place, time, or headspace that perfectly matches the listener’s desire or mood. Whether it is to relive a summer of memories, to wallow in grief or to put yourself in a concentrated atmosphere, these atmospheres are open to everyone to be experienced alone, together. These playlists hit different compared to studio-recorded tracks on Spotify, with added sound effects that make it perfectly suited to your mood – and 300,000 more feel exactly the same.

Here are 10 YouTube Playlist channels to check out, each suited to your different moods.

Can I choose a song for you?‘ offers many playlists for it a ambiguous mood. From ‘Sometimes it’s like a calm lake‘, for ‘I feel like something good is about to happen‘, these playlists create atmosphere for the moods you didn’t even know you were falling into, bringing comfort to the little dark moments of the day.

Carefully curated, each song fits together seamlessly to create a complete experience (described by the title) that can even transport the listener to a cold winter’s night even as they sit in the summer sun.

As indicated by his name, sweet sounds are the essential reading channel for those looking for a moment of relaxation. Whether it’s winding down after a long day or waking up slowly, this playlist channel has the perfect set of songs for that perfect balmy morning, hanging out with friends or taking time for yourself.

You won’t find these parts anywhere other than on this YouTube channel. Composer Tido Kang brings together covers and original compositions of tunes perfect for those in need of a good night’s rest or a focused study session.

With plenty of playlists for those who need a sleep jingle, Tido Kang has many 3-hour instrumental lists to put you to sleep, which can also double as playlists to get you in the book zone. Many of its playlists also include rain sound effects to set the perfect mood for meditation or deep sleep.

Exclusively jazz, the Cafe Music BGM Channel transports listeners to that beer garden they visited in Paris, or that Starbucks they spent pouring over the books at school.

Different from other playlist channels, Cafe Music BGM Channel features plenty of live videos with endless jazz setlists for Wednesday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, Monday mornings, Thursday teatime, and more. For each cafe scene, there is a specific playlist that listeners can listen to anytime in real time and enjoy being teleported to that place.

From Christmas carols to Disney OSTs to jazz coffee, monkey music he has got everything. Whether it’s embarking on a trip to Disneyland, kicking back and reading a coffee-like book, or basking in the Christmas spirit (3 months late or 8 months early), this chain is the place to be. where to go for these experiences.

Accompanied by a perfect cover image, listeners can fully immerse themselves in the full-screen playlist.

Hanoi Chamomile Is owned by Kira, who posts vlogs alongside playlist videos for morning routines, “study with me” series, late-night hangouts, and more. His tagline, “stay focused, be present,” is what gives all of his videos a peaceful aura that immediately soothes the heart and mind.

Alongside his hour-long playlists, Kira studies, relaxes, or kicks off his day, making viewers feel like they have a companion right next to them as they do the same things. by his side.

darling cat has the sweetest playlists in store. Like a warm blanket enveloping the listener, the channel features playlists like ‘Music for your own time that makes you cheerful”, “Warm music that gently cuddles for a quiet morning”, “The most comfortable and refreshing music you will want to listen to first thing in the morning”and more.

Accompanied by cover images with a retro filter, these playlists take you in and stay for a heartwarming moment, creating a space for that alone time we didn’t know we wanted.

To relive those unforgettable evenings with friends, drive all night or hang out in that place where you’ve all become regulars, 리플레이LEEPLAY is the channel to visit those nights when we felt ecstatic, young and free.

Have you ever thought of a playlist for the songs you hear in a donut shop? Neither do I. For those childhood experiences that we never had brought us comfort, essential; reminds us of the moments we take for granted, keeping us grounded in the little things in life that bring joy.

From playlists like ‘when Sun sets’for ‘it’s on! trendy shop music’, essential; has those experiences locked down so we can revisit and indulge when we’re not able to in real life.

Calling all anime lovers! 피달소 Pidalso has hour-long instrumental playlists of all iconic anime, featuring Fruit Basket, Natsume Yuujinchou, Shining Boy & Little Randy, Princess Mononoke, Your Lie in April, Your Nameand more.

Taking us back to when we used to watch those shows, 피달소 Pidalso makes us all feel like the main characters of our favorite anime series with its instrumental OST playlists.